Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011.06.25 40K Views

2011.06.25 40K Views by nosduhmj
2011.06.25 40K Views, a photo by nosduhmj on Flickr.

Thanks for 40,000 views on Flickr as of June 25, 2011. Funeral for Col. John S. Hudson, USMC Ret., Monday, June 14, 2010, at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia. Died July 7, 2009, in Atlantic Beach, Florida. Semper fi, Dad. (E. Houston Lynch photo.)


  1. Dear John
    this year is the 70th anniversary of the USMC arriving in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1942. We are putting together a booklet and small museum and would like to include a profile on your late father. it would be great to share information and photographs that we have on his time in Derry during WWII.
    Best wishes
    Mark Lusby

    1. I think you've found me at pretty much every internet venue, except perhaps Facebook! (I'm there, too.)