Monday, February 13, 2012

It Was Irresistible. I Had to Say It.

The late afternoon temp was barely in the 30s and the wind was brutal; it was a good day for a free cup of coffee to take to work with me.

I stopped in at the Starbucks on Timberlake in Lynchburg with my empty coffee-bean bag. For that I get a free "tall" cup of coffee and I thought I'd go for Starbucks' new blonde roast. (It's mild but still robust and it doesn't taste burned; try it!) In fact, I thought I'd have two cups to go, paying for one. $1.78 for what's essentially a 24 oz. coffee is still a value.

That's the setup. Now the conversation.

Me: Can I get a free cup with this empty?
Barista: Sure, a free tall. What can I get you?
Me: I'd like a blonde with room for cream, and I'd like a second one that I'll pay.
Barista: Two tall blondes, coming right up.
Me: Two tall blondes ... I never thought I'd be asking for two tall blondes, much less getting what I ask for.
Barista: I you think about it, you're getting two tall blondes for the price of one!
Me: Yeah, two tall, hot blondes. I like it!

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